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Welcome to Creating4theKing!


Creating4theKing is a ministry created by Kathleen Thiessen, who is a partner of MWMI. She has a beautiful heart and testimony, and a carries a very powerful prophetic spirit. God has used her over the years in helping create and facilitate many of our projects and events, as both a choir director, and worshiper. She also was a director for the Kingdom House of Prayer/KSC Prayer room for 7 years. MWMI had the opportunity to co-write and produce her album "Song of the Lamb", as well as work with her to publish the accompanying songbook and devotional book "Sustainer of My Heart". I know you will enjoy these powerful, anointed offerings from Kathleen.

—Mark Oliver, Director MWMI

Song of the Lamb
Bowing Down Before Him


What do we do when the music stops but we long to keep singing? As we asked this question, God inspired the "Song of the Lamb: CD. Combining written and spontaneous worship, this CD encourages us to bow down in adoration to Jesus.


May you heed the call to bow down before Him.


Purchase CD $10

Moment of Truth - Kathleen Thiessen
Song of the Lamb Songbook
Complete Songbook from the original album.

Musical Score and chord charts for choir, soloists or worship teams.


The beautiful music of SONG OF THE LAMB CD made into a written score for piano and chords to accompany choirs, a soloist, or a worship team. Teams now can reproduced these songs for their worship venue.


Purchase Songbook $10

Sustainer Of My Heart.
A journey towards the One who delights our hearts with His presence.

What sustains our life in Christ? When life gets tough it's the lovers of Jesus who have the capacity to maintain their peace. It's also the lovers that give their all for love. They keep going because they are not working for God but partnering with Him in life. An implicit trust in God's goodness and His desire to be near and intimate creates a safe atmosphere as we journey through life. Follow Kathleen's journey toward His healing presence.


Purchase Book $10

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